Frequently Asked Questions

CT Band is a connected strap that attaches to the face of your classic watch in order to deliver all the features of a connected smartwatch.

Rifft is the French startup that created CT Band. You can find more information on our About Us page.
CT Band is compatible with all watches on the market that have a detachable strap and whose lug is 18, 20 or 22 millimeters.
CT Band easily attaches to your watch by using the fork tool. The fork is essentially a very thin screwdriver that allows you to clip and unclip the hooks of the dial on your bracelet. Upon purchase, the tool is automatically offered to add to your cart for € 2.
You can also have this operation done by your jeweler.
The CT Band app includes several sub-specialty applications. The basic package includes the sub-applications Sport, Health and Weather. Other applications are currently in development.
No, the CT Band application can only communicate with the CT Band bracelet.
We will update this information shortly.
We will update this information shortly.
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